How do I detox chemicals from my body?

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Question by SteeniBlossoming: How do I detox chemicals from my body?
I have been exposed, for the last six months, to chemicals from my shower… A new water heater was put in and caused the water to smell like “bug spray”, the apartment complex didn’t believe me nor did they give me a means to test it… Since I couldn’t afford it, I couldn’t buy a quality shower filter… At this point, it seems that my body may be at a threshold. Even touching the water, I feel sick… Any suggestions?
I also react to things with rashes to my skin… I now have increased sensitivity.

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Answer by ArmstrongDlcksmasher
get a doctors note and use that as evidence for the apartment complex, also listen to said doctors advice about getting better, its mostly your skin thats messed up i think.

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  1. *Blush* says:

    Wow! I hope they’ve fixed it by now!! O_O

    First step is to stop putting anymore toxins into your body, especially the bad water. Avoid anything that could tax your liver – caffiene, alcohol, sugar, food preservative, chemicals and any meds, including pain killers and supplements (unless instructed otherwise by a doctor). Switching cleaning products can also help, don’t use any skin care products that contain parabens or SLS, and use natural cleaners in your home (baking soda, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, etc). Open the windows whenever it’s mild out, even if not for long, to air your home out too.

    That’s what to avoid, now what to take. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, this should make up most of your diet. Drink only water (clean!), herbal teas or fresh juices you make yourself (juice from the store contains preservative). Meat and dairy is best when organic. Take milk thistle, as a tea or a pill, whichever is easier. Drink fresh lemon juice in water once a day in the morning, or with every meal, and eat lots of root vegetables like beets and carrots. Make sure you are ‘regular’, this is your body’s main way of expelling toxins so you should go everyday. If you aren’t, eat more fruit or take aloe vera to help move things along.

    It may be a week or two before you see definite results, but stick with it. The first day or two you might have a headache or feel fatigued, just get as much sleep as you want and try to avoid taking pain killers

  2. Ray says:

    Take a coffee retention enema cleanse (one month) to get your liver, gaul bladder and pancreas working at full capacity. Use only pure water.

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