Q&A: Is this a good detox or cleanse?

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Question by Lisa Christine: Is this a good detox or cleanse?
I’ve always been a healthy eater but with thanksgiving just flying by, I haven’t really felt myself. So I’m going on a detox for the next two years by going strict vegetarian/vegan and for the most part all organic. I’ve been on this for about 4 days and seem to have lost about 5 lbs. I’ve been eating a full friut and vegetable smoothie and a green tea for breakfast, steamed vegetable or salad for lunch or dinner, and an orange or some type of nuts for a snack. I try to get at least an hour of some exercise every day. How good of a detox is this and I’m open to any advice. Thanks
oops… I meant to say next two weeks.

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Answer by Dave
When you say detox for the next two years, do you actually mean 2 years, or was it a typo and you meant 2 days??? a detox should only take about a couple of days, or at most a week… no need to be on one for a couple of years….

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  1. davion2308 says:

    Honestly, “Detox” is just a fad that’s passing through right now. It really only helps your body in that you’re eating good food and not fast food or salty, greasy, fatty foods. You add exercise to any diet regiment and you’ll see weight-loss.

    To detox your body, drink water and eat more fiber. That is how the body detoxes itself. There is no other way.

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